Harriet Harman is grilled by Laura Kuenssberg… to a crisp.

Laura Kuenssberg is rapidly becoming our favourite interviewer. Hot on the heels of her recent outstanding piece on Newsnight about the forthcoming potential criminalisation of prostitution in England and Wales, last night she interviewed Harriet Harman at length about the issue of the Paedophile Information Exchange’s affiliation with the National Council of Civil Liberties (of which Harriet Harman was the legal officer for some years)over 30 years ago:


We’ll be posting the piece on our YouTube channel in the next day or two, but if you want to watch this now, these are the relevant sections:

00:00 – 0:30 Introduction by Jeremy Paxman

1:02 – 3:16 Background to the story

3:17 – 10:57 Harriet Harman interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg

10:58 – 12:33 Discussion between Jeremy Paxman and Laura Kuenssberg

We can’t recall an interview in which Harman – a vile radical feminist of the worst sort – has ever been challenged so professionally and unflinchingly. We comment Laura Kuenssberg on a job well done. We’d pay good money to see her interview the damnable woman at greater length about the damage she’s wrought on British society over more than 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Harriet Harman is grilled by Laura Kuenssberg… to a crisp.

  1. We’ve had a recent spate of allegations against men concerning sexual abuse that allegedly took place decades ago. I know some of it must be true, which is very sickening, but there’s always going to be those false allegations chucked in amongst the rest which turn the accused lives upside down and ruin their very existence forever. Celebrity males in the spotlight have been the main targets of late whereas women have so far got away relatively unscathed. Yet there must surely be plenty of female celebrities who had sexual encounters with young males. I wonder whether this is the first of a batch of females who get pounced on for such affiliations or wrong doings when it comes to paedophilia or underage sexual associations. It always amazed me how Germaine Greer got away with publishing that book (can’t remember its title) as from what I heard no man these days would get away with publishing such a book.

  2. Thanks Alex. Are you of the American persuasion? The first time I cam across this use of ‘owned’ was when AVfM wrote of an interview I did on BBC TV – they said I ‘owned’ the woman I was challenging – and I had to ask them what it meant! Thanks for the support. Will you be able to make it to Detroit in June?

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