Sally Morgan, Labour peer, Baroness Morgan of Huyton – the next ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’?

Hot on the heels of the female professor at Yale who whined about gender discrimination when her contract wasn’t renewed, we have the unedifying spectacle of Sally Morgan, a Labour peer, whining because her three-year contract as chairman of the schools inspectorate OFSTED isn’t going to be renewed:

The comments stream is well worth reading, and includes some apt references to ‘champagne socialists’.

Ms Morgan’s contract is due to expire this month, but she’s expected to stay on until the autumn, when a replacement will take over. There’s a clear pattern emerging here. Women land senior jobs – often on large salaries, courtesy of the taxpayer – and won’t resign when their performance has been woeful, or they whine when their contracts aren’t renewed. The whole point of fixed-term contracts is that they may not be renewed. Why do so many women have a problem with this reality, when no men do? They clearly want the rewards of senior positions, with none of the associated risks. People with such mindsets – people who don’t feel shame the way normal people do – aren’t fit for senior positions regardless of their gender.

Ms Morgan is whining about the Conservative-led coalition appointing Conservative supporters to such positions. Given the shocking extent to which the coalition has appointed Lefties to such positions since 2010 – a matter covered at length by Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail – I’d say about damned time! Especially in anything connected with Education, where Education Secretary Michael Gove is doing some good things. And let’s not forget he appointed the woman to the position in the first place – presumably a decisions he’s now regretting.

Ms Morgan would be in the running for ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ but we’ve already presented the February award to Hannah Betts, a journalist. Some supporters have pointed out there are plenty of candidates to justify a ‘Whiny Woman of the Week’ award, but there are only so many hours in the day.

We were considering presenting Ms Morgan with a ‘Harpy’ award – previous winners have included Harriet Harman and Janet Street-Porter – but by chance a donor called this afternoon for a chat about the Sally Morgan story. He referred to her as ‘yet another entitlement princess’ and that’s when an idea came to me. An excellent website presents ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’ awards:

When I’ve posted this piece, I’m going to submit Ms Morgan as a candidate for the February 2014 award. She’d be a very worthy winner.

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  • Ms. Harman popped up on Andrew Marr this morning. Marr starting to discuss political influence in ministerial appointments with Michael Gove. In chimes La Harman not on topic, which was were appointments reflecting party bias, but with the same old posts for women mantra. Seems it doesn’t matter about ability or even political sympathies no all that’s needed is the right sex organs.

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