Video of Cindy Gallop speaking at The Oxford Union

On Friday evening, along with Swayne O’Pie, I’ll be speaking in favour of a motion in a debate at Durham University. Opposing the motion will be Julie Bindel and Cindy Gallop. Of the four of us, only Ms Bindel has been unwilling – so far, at least – to permit video recording of the event. So we’d like to thank the valued supporter who’s provided us a link to a debate at The Oxford Union, at which Ms Gallop spoke. Enjoy:

In the audience are a number of well-known women including Harriet Harman and Rachel Johnson (Boris’s sister). After the Cindy Gallop piece there are presentations by Edwina Currie, Laurie Penny and Tessa Jowell.

5 thoughts on “Video of Cindy Gallop speaking at The Oxford Union

  1. OMG, Mike, seriously you’re going to have to tune into some computer porn tonight and witness just how degrading porn can be to men as well as women. There are plenty of reports suggesting that plenty of women watch porn…

    …so it’s not as one-sided as Cindy Gallop (sounds like a porn star herself!) is making out. Porn is just as damaging to boys as it is to girls. It’s just as demeaning, and quite frankly most of the focus appears to be on the male genitals with the woman’s teeth threateningly clamped around them! The women can act every bit as hostile and get just as much if not more enjoyment out of it. Male porn stars are more than often in submissive positions and women are shown as having complete control. And guess who makes more money out of the porn industry! Furthermore, guess which gender gets the blame for porn-related negativity?

    Ahem, not as I’ve ever watched any porn! A bit of research required I think, Mike 🙂

  2. From the video Cindy Gallop is another ‘if it comes from a woman in business, it is always better’ merchant, and ‘equal outcome not equal opportunity’ pedaller. She talks of men who believe in justice supporting women in business. What the hell does that even mean, some kind of mythical social justice that only applies to oppressed females? If women make porn it is not degrading, if men do, you know her insinuation. It is even funny that she thinks porn for men should be about sex education on how to please women. Not much of a business woman then. As for her, how can I put this kindly, unprofessional dress for a debate, how does she expect to be taken seriously?

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