Ellie Slee shares more of her young lady wisdom with us…

Our thanks to a lady supporter – SN – for alerting us to this gem:


Ms Slee mysteriously fails to mention that she lied about J4MB in her HuffPo piece, then refused to retract the lie, and it was only when we contacted the HuffPo legal team saying we’d be seeking legal advice, that her lie was retracted. Her new piece includes this nonsense:

Mike seemed pretty resolute in his denial that any man has ever done anything wrong ever.

Maybe Ms Slee isn’t quite the intellectual giant she fondly imagines herself to be. From the end of her piece:

I was also a bit baffled by the assumption that Mike’s intellect is higher than mine; I have a First Class Honours degree and I’ve just started my fully-funded PhD. Cue an outcry from Men’s Rights Activists. Female supremacy! Institutional misandry! How the fuck could anyone EVER lay down £18k a year so that she could research anything?!

I mean as Mike Buchanan says, we feminists aren’t “the sharpest knives in the block”. So it’s probably just because of my vagina really. Yeah. I’d imagine it’s all because of my vadge.

LOL jk I’m really clever. Byeeeeeee

Ellie Slee is, by any standards, a beautiful young woman… and living proof that beauty is only skin deep.

7 thoughts on “Ellie Slee shares more of her young lady wisdom with us…

  1. If I may, I have a daughter about Ellie’s age – granted she is head and shoulders above Ellie when it comes to intelectual ability, lack of vanity, egotism, narcissism and just plain ole good manners – so – rather than burden you all with having to do the equivalent of a “fatherly chat” to set her straight – please allow me to do the equivalent of a “motherly chat” I’ve had some practice at this.

    Say, about 2 hours?

    Anja 🙂

  2. Yes, I too have read her puerile post. Gentlemen, I am going to suggest we lay off her. She is obviously still only a child with ill-formed views, who has clearly been completely indoctrinated into feminism, no doubt in a university women’s studies madrassa somewhere, and she is really not fair game in this grown up debate. I mean, to wish that MHRAs just would go away. How infantile eh? She talks about her father in her utterance and I think we need to be more fatherly in our approach to her. Give her the benefit of kind patriarchy, maybe? Perhaps leave it to her dad, who no doubt loves her, to have a quiet word with his daughter and get her to realise the difficult, nay dangerous, path she is so naively treading. There are some pretty vile trolling trolls out there after all. If I were her dad, I’d be very worried about her. Just a thought.

  3. I have read her post. Seems that she is very badly educated in the harm her views (religion) and those of her fellow feminists, have inflicted on the masses (mainly men) in order to gain privilege in every area of society. She vaguely and lazily questions all valid claims against the feminist sacred cows. Throughout she uses belittling language to feel superior in herself, instead of debating the issues, and gloats that she may be considered attractive even by some of her opposition. It is clear only legal defence got her to concede one untruth, but there is not an ounce of remorse or apology in her soul apart for the wonderful men who do her bidding. She is haunting, that’s for sure.

  4. Or maybe: “Patriarchy in the Post-Modern Era: Measuring and evaluating the extent to which Ellie Slee is countering its effect in modern society”?

    And studied at? Funded by ?? Supervised by??? Now where should we start … ermm. Maybe she would like to tell us????

    I think Mr Buchanan may possibly be wrong. Ms Slee is obviously a really clever girl – after all, she tells us she is!

  5. Thanks Alan. To my mind Ellie Slee is, by any standards, VERY beautiful. I may even have used the phrase ‘hauntingly beautiful’ once, on another site. So far as I’m concerned this is self-evidently true, and because I moderate comments on this website, no comments suggesting otherwise has a snowflake’s chance in hell of being passed. Criticisms other than Ms Slee’s beauty? Go for it. I believe you’re right, though, in speculating that she studied neither Maths nor Physics at Cambridge. I’m guessing wildly she studied an easier subject… er… somewhere else. Like I say, though, a wild guess!

  6. You think she’s even pretty, never mind beautiful, really?
    Great to see the FIRST CLASS is mentioned, but neither the most critical points:
    1. The Subject
    2. The University
    May i guess it wasn’t Maths or Physics from Cambridge? Otherwise THAT would have been mentioned.

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