Domestic violence set to be targeted by tough new law: Offenders could be jailed for up to 14 years if US-style legislation is voted through by MPs


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Our thanks to Greg for pointing us to this piece in today’s Guardian:

We could find only the following gender-specific statements in the fairly lengthy piece (726 words). Feminist fingerprints are all over both the article and the proposed new bill:

Supporters of the new bill say it would encourage more women to report a crime which is often neglected by the criminal justice system…

Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime…

Now the proposed law would provide a legal framework that would make domestic abuse a specific offence and would allow for the examination of an offender’s course of conduct over a period of time. Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime that is often neglected by the criminal justice system, sometimes with tragic consequences…

According to the Home Office, some 1.2 million women in the UK said they had experienced domestic abuse last year. Two out of three incidents involved repeat victims. Two women are killed by a partner, ex-partner or lover each week. Last year 400,000 women were sexually assaulted, of whom 70,000 were victims of rape or attempted rape.

Home Office statistics cover both female and male victims of domestic abuse, of course, so why is there only female victim data in this article? Because feminists. Because Guardian pro-feminist anti-male bias. Even by the standards we’re become accustomed to with respect to reporting of gender matters in the Guardian, this marks a new low in ideologically-driven reporting.

Infinitely more important than the feminist-inspired gender bias of the article, the proposed legislation will inevitably result in huge numbers of miscarriages of injustice against men. A few observations on the legislation, and predictions on how the police and the courts system will respond to it:

  1. A new area for false allegations is created. This will be a charter for malicious women (who haven’t been abused) to make false domestic abuse allegations – in effect, to abuse their partners, possibly not for the first time. In the vast majority of cases, who but the two people involved will know the truth? Which will the police and the courts believe?
  2. Most domestic abuse is reciprocal, but most people reporting the abuse will be women, as currently. Being the first partner to report the abuse, the woman will be more likely to be believed by the police, quite aside from the default presumption (never admitted publicly, of course) of the police that women are more likely than men to tell the truth.
  3. 70% of the victims of uni-directional domestic abuse (the victims ‘take it’ or exit the situation) are men. But we know from British Crime Survey statistics that men are far less likely than women to report abuse, often because they know that if they did so, their relationships would end, and it’s likely they’ll never see their children again. If after a prolonged series of attacks over time an exasperated man finally lost control and struck his partner, whose account of events would the police believe? The woman’s, inevitably. The police would point out that the man hadn’t reported being a victim of abuse to them previously, so his version of events couldn’t be trusted.
  4. The maximum prison term of 14 years is grotesquely high. A woman who kills her partner in cold blood – e.g. by plunging a kitchen knife into his chest while he slept – need only claim she’d ‘feared’ him, by way of mitigation. She need produce no evidence that she had any grounds to fear him. The charge will then automatically be downgraded from murder to manslaughter, and she’ll probably serve under five years with good behaviour. A man, by contrast, under the proposed domestic abuse legislation, could serve 14 years for domestic abuse. It’s utterly inconceivable that even in the most grotesque cases any woman would serve 14 years.
  5. As with other offences, men will be far more likely than women to be charged, regardless of the weight of evidence. They’ll be more likely to be convicted. They’ll be more likely to be incarcerated, and if they are, they’ll serve much longer sentences.

This is nothing less than a major intensification of the state-sponsored and state-enforced war against British men. The balance of power in intimate relationships between men and women already favours women strongly. It’s about to tilt women’s way yet further. Vast numbers of British women are going to exercise that additional power, and ruthlessly. Not only marriage (and the nuclear family with it) are dying. This legislation will in time prove to be a death sentence for unmarried couples’ relationships.

The state, and gender feminists, will be happy with nothing less.

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I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Interesting last paragraph, although I assume the author still thinks ALL victims are female:

    ‘But the true number of victims is likely to be even higher. Research carried out by Citizens Advice estimates that more than half a million victims of domestic abuse are too frightened to report their experiences.’

    (Or, in the case of men, because they think no-one will believe them, or they will think them wimps.)

    • Thanks. Men are in a lose-lose-lose situation. They can either ‘take it’ and be thought wimps, or refuse to take it and not be believed by the police – so they have to keep on ‘taking it’ – or retaliate in kind and get arrested, lose the house, the kids… this assault on the male/female intimate relationship power balance is TOXIC.

  • This is scary stuff. I noticed that MTV is running adverts on abuse in relationships. As usual nothing to encourage men to report. the new MTv campaign “Call it out” yet more of the Home office campaign with all the visuals showing abusive males.

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    “Los partidarios de la nueva ley dicen que alentaría a más mujeres a denunciar un delito a menudo descuidada por el sistema de justicia penal …”

  • The women who work in charity shelters work with police and these false victims to deliver the man as dead meat (when police refer to “3rd party associations” they invariably mean feminist charities). Female “victims” are advised by these women to visit their GPs to claim anxiety or depression, to cite “fear” even though there was absolutely no history of abuse, to claim child abuse, family abuse, financial abuse… it’s all there on the tick list you can find on any shelter charity website. The police only wish to detain and charge men, even when they know they are likely to be innocent, under their “positive arrest policy”.
    I spoke to one female police officer who confided to me that the DV laws take about 40% of their resources overall. She also cited a recent visit to a GP, a man in his late 50s with no criminal record, but who texted his wife too many times after she left him. Although these texts were declarations of love, apology, and pleading for her return, the texts themselves were “harassment” and under DV laws meant that if the GP accepted he sent them then he would be immediately arrested and spend the night in jail before being taken to the next court day (pray it wasn’t a Friday or a long holiday weekend!). The female PC confided that she was praying to herself asking the GP to say “no comment” under questioning in order to avoid the indignity and prosecution that would follow,
    Stories like these are the REAL face of DV in the UK, so please forget the battered and bruised female faces so readily used on those “Woman’s Aid” or posters as typical… they are anything but typical, I can assure you.
    And now the police and criminal justice want MORE draconian powers to ensure that there is no escape from any false accusation? No corroboration in Scotland, no need for additional evidence other than a vicious claim from a “charity advised” female partner or wife?
    Yes – watch the numbers soar. Watch the relationships crumble. Watch the children being abused. Watch the miscarriages of justice. Watch society be destroyed as all men wake up and marriage (even co-habitation) is finally rejected as far too risky to even be contemplated.
    This is EXACTLY what the Feminists want. Don’t kid yourself this isn’t their long term objective.
    Unless the feminist society is unravelled – and quickly – I think there will be social unrest on at least the same scale as the race riots that we have seen in the past. 2020 or before is my guess.