Men jailed for nonpayment of child support – even when they’re not the children’s biological fathers

Yesterday we posted a piece about one form of paternity fraud – women deceiving men into thinking they were using contraception when they weren’t (usually by not taking contraceptive pills) or sabotaging contraceptive methods e.g. puncturing the ends of condoms with pins.

Today we turn to a second form of paternity fraud, a form which is illegal in the UK and a number of other countries – women deceiving men into believing they’re the biological fathers of individual children, when they’re not. It’s believed to be a far more widespread practise than is popularly supposed, which is why we call in our public consultation document for compulsory paternity testing within a week of a baby being born.

In 2008 the Child Support Agency (‘CSA’) reported that it knew of over 1,200 cases of this second form of paternity fraud, i.e. where a paternity test had found the woman’s claim to be false. You have to wonder how many men simply accept the women’s word, and pay for many years to support another man’s child. Now here’s an intriguing fact about this form of paternity fraud:

Not one British woman has ever been convicted of the crime.

I’m grateful to Mr W for alerting me to an interesting article from the US, concerning cases of men being legally required to pay child support for children even when they’re not the children’s biological fathers:–but-its-not-his-child-n1548325/page/full

Mr W asks the intriguing question, ‘Could it happen here?’ I don’t know – maybe it’s already happening – so I’m sending the following Freedom of Information Act request to the CSA, to obtain the answer:

130709 FoI request to the CSA

I’ll post their response as soon as I receive it.

Paternity fraud is an appalling assault on men, both emotionally and financially. Yet the state effectively condones it, and doesn’t punish women who are demonstrably guilty of having committed it. It’s time for this ridiculous state of affairs to end.

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