‘Woman’s Hour’ piece on male victims of domestic violence

An interesting discussion, primarily on account of the contribution of ‘Ian’, a male victim of DV:


The feminist narratives from the two women being interviewed – Jane Keeper, Director of Operations, Refuge, and Dr Catherine Donovan, Sunderland University – were all too predictable. One of those narratives was that when studies show women aren’t the overwhelming majority of victims of DV, the studies’ research methodologies must be flawed.

Breathtakingly, Dr Donovan cited ‘feminist researchers’ as if they were reputable sources of information or analysis. Neither Jane Keeper nor Dr Donovan displayed much interest in female-on-male DV, let alone concern. They kept trying to bring the discussion onto male-on-female DV.

Towards the end of the discussion, Jane Keeper stated, ‘There are a proportion of male perpetrators who present as victims’. No balancing statement such as, ‘There are a proportion of female perpetrators who present as victims’. So even in a discussion on male victims of DV, men have to be demonised. The feminist narratives must be maintained at all costs. But we thank Women’s Hour for covering the issue of female-on-male DV, presenter Jane Garvey for posing a number of challenging questions, and above all we thank ‘Ian’ for his outstanding contribution to the programme.

The lack of recognition for male victims of DV, and lack of support for them, is a longstanding national scandal in the UK, and indeed across the developed world. It is, accordingly, a major area of interest for J4MB. I end this piece with an appeal for donations to help us campaign effectively, and to help fund more candidates for the 2015 general election. Thank you for your support.


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