A forthcoming appearance on ‘Woman’s Hour’

On our YouTube channel we now have video and audio files of nine of my recent radio and television appearances, seven of them with the BBC:


Perhaps the highlight, in terms of audience numbers, was last week’s interview with Jeremy Vine, whose BBC Radio 2 show regularly attracts audiences of 6 – 7 million listeners. The next day I much enjoyed being interviewed by the highly respected journalist and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer for her show on LBC, London’s leading commercial radio station. She was very professional throughout and, impressively, she’d gone to the trouble of reading our consultation document in advance. In the interview, after mentioning a number of the proposals in that document, Julia stated the following:

I’m very surprised to say this, Mike, but I have an awful feeling you may have a point, scary as it is!

I was pleased recently to be invited to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, in the episode due to be recorded and broadcast over 10:00 – 10:45 next Thursday, 28 March. The programme has been broadcast since 1946, and it’s long been a taxpayer-funded mouthpiece for feminism in general, and for militant feminism in particular. The Wikipedia entry on Woman’s Hour:


I see from the BBC website that the presenter next Thursday will be the militant feminist Jenni Murray, who’s been a presenter on the show since 1987. She was quoted in the Independent (link below) as having once said that marriage is ‘legalised prostitution’:


I’m much looking forward to meeting Ms Murray, and hopefully one or two other militant feminists, too. Harriet Harman would be my first choice, obviously, but I could name a dozen other prominent militant feminists I’d be equally happy to debate with.

Not many people seem to be aware that there’s a BBC radio programme for men, Men’s Hour. There’s a very good reason why not many people are aware of it. I refer you to a blog post I wrote in May 2012 (link below). It concerns a Radio Times interview in which Ms Murray praised both the show and its presenter, Tim Samuels:


I end this email with an appeal for donations to our party. None of the people associated with the party, including myself, obtain any personal income from donations. 100% of donation income is directed towards campaign costs. We’re aiming to raise at least £15,000 to finance deposits for the top 30 Conservative marginal seats we plan to contest in the May 2015 general election. You can make a donation through this link:


Thank you for your support. We’re working hard to make the future brighter for men and boys, and the women who love them.

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