Domestic abuse / violence: statistics, laws, and information

One of the areas which is attracting the most attention in our public consultation document (link below, pp 7 – 9) is domestic abuse / violence (‘DA/DV’):

130320 J4MB consultation document,

Some of the stories which have been sent to me by men who’ve been victims of DA/DV at the hands of women – some of them remain victims to this day – have been heartbreaking. The background information in the consultation document, and references to data available from the Office of National Statistics, were provided by The Mankind Initiative, which supports male victims of DA/DV I urge you to support them with a donation, if you can. 40% of victims of DA/DV in the UK are men, yet while there are over 4,000 places in women’s refuges dedicated to women, just 33 places in refuges are dedicated to men, of which only 15 are dedicated to heterosexual men.

I was pleased to learn today of an initiative just launched on the highly influential men’s human rights website, ‘A Voice for Men’ (link below). I’ve just sent them The Mankind Initiative’s excellent analysis.

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