Suella Braverman is sacked as Home Secretary… and David Cameron is on the verge of a shock comeback: Rishi Sunak defies Tory right as he kicks off dramatic reshuffle with ex-PM parading up Downing Street

Braverman fired, as expected, for revealing last week what everyone already understands, the police bias against anyone deemed to be from “the right” and lack of action against those from “the left”, as demonstrated by the mass arrests of counter-demonstrators and very few pro-Palestine demonstrators over the weekend.

We predict Braverman will be elected Tory party leader after the party is wiped out at the next general election, and possibly win the succeeding general election for the party. The spirit of Mrs T is reincarnated. Mrs Braverman is a Buddhist.

The show of support for the odious David Cameron – who once described himself as “the heir to Blair” – simply reinforces the point that Sunak is almost unremittingly progressive, which will only add to the size of the Tory defeat at the next general election. The BBC reports that Cameron has been appointed Foreigh Secretary.

I blame Cameron for the fact I’m not today Baron Buchanan of Bedford – details in my blog piece titled, Mike Buchanan’s £11,500,000+ donation to the Conservative party. The future Baron Buchanan of Bedford, surely?

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6 thoughts on “Suella Braverman is sacked as Home Secretary… and David Cameron is on the verge of a shock comeback: Rishi Sunak defies Tory right as he kicks off dramatic reshuffle with ex-PM parading up Downing Street

  1. I don’t understand this outbreak of gynocentrism at J$MB to the benefit of Suella Braverman.

    Britain needs to solve the problem of illegal immigrants crossing the channel and the best, perhaps only way is to imitate, Australia –
    Provide the means to apply for asylum abroad, have a fixed quota per year and anyone who crosses without applying permanently loses the right to enter and is detained indefinitely until they agree to leave and go elsewhere. The detention must be secure and remote with no interaction whatsoever with the wider society and economy.
    Suella’s Rawanda proposal didn’t address the main practical issue of the legality of an effective deterrent policy while being absurdly expensive and in it’s main detail irrelevant with extremely poor publicity due to the choice of country. The policy was grossly stupid and had the hallmarks of total incompetence or a gesture expected to fail for personal gain.
    The we have the debacle over the recent protests. Her description of what had been almost entirely peaceful protests as hate marches was a hostage to fortune and predictably back fired when her remarks drew out violent protesters who directly targeted the cenotaph and her calls to ban the marches made me wonder why she did nothing about the far more disruptive just stop oil and extinction rebellion protests even when they prevented the emergency services doing their job. The accusations of police bias were overbroad with a strong case that they were too lenient to BLM during Corvid but no real evidence beyond that but whatever the truth of it a home secretary accusing the police of bias in public at a time of heightened tension and protests is beyond foolish and certain to cause problems.

    She is without doubt the worst home secretary in my lifetime and there is a fair amount of competition for that. Utterly useless, incompetent and without any concern for the wider impact of her political maneuvering, appointed and in office solely because of her sex. Why would J4MB of all organisations support such a person?

  2. The absurdity of this. In an effort to mitigate accusations of racism, brown Tory PM sacks brown [and female] Home Sec. for doing her job with integrity. Who is supposed to be appeased by this move? It certainly isn’t Conservative voters, and it isn’t the left (who never can seem to get impressive women into impressive positions 🤷‍♀️). Jacob agrees btw:

  3. good god , they must be desperate for Cameron to come back , who was absolutely useless. Wasn’t he the fool who signed the UK to the inequality and feminist rhetoric of the Istanbul convention ?

    none of this is going to save the anti men and anti family party…

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