Ex-NatWest boss Alison Rose loses out on £7.6m after Nigel Farage row

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One thought on “Ex-NatWest boss Alison Rose loses out on £7.6m after Nigel Farage row

  1. The mind boggles as to how Alison rose thinks that there has been no misconduct.
    There has only been no findings of misconduct, which we all know means that natwest cannot have findings of misconduct, because it would open natwest to allegations of breaches of the law( eg the rest of them would also be punished).
    She knows that there has been misconduct in her behaviour.
    Every employer I’ve ever worked for has always had a policy of confidentiality, not just based on any current laws but also common sense because to not do so can undermine confidence in the business. For a bank, lack of confidence is a death knell.

    This from bbc article

    “Earlier this week, the UK data watchdog apologised to Dame Alison for suggesting she had breached privacy laws following its own probe into the closure of Mr Farage’s bank account.”

    How useless of a watchdog( like so many at the moment) do you have to be to think she hadn’t breached privacy laws.
    did she not discuss Farages bank account closure without authorisation to the BBC ??

    and NatWest think that rose does not have good leaver status…
    no one will care , because she will pick up another diversity hire job.

    TLDR – a demonstration of the damage and loss of confidence using diversity hiring instead of merit to run your business..

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