Investment Week: “BlackRock study finds companies with more women in workforce outperform rivals”

BlackRock Inc is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$9.42 trillion in assets under management. It is a major player in the long-running global initiative to persuade companies to increase gender diversity on their bloards.

Our thanks to Jeff for this in Investment Week, a weekly publication. It is nothing short of scandalous that the publication uncritically accepts extracts from a Blackrock report which is clearly and misleadingly conflating correlation with causation. The evidence of a causal link between appointing more women to corporate boards and corporate financial DECLINE is here, on the Campaign for Merit in Business website.

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One thought on “Investment Week: “BlackRock study finds companies with more women in workforce outperform rivals”

  1. Black Rock has also converted America from a nation of homeowners to a nation of renters. They offered prices 25% over asking price within hours of a house getting listed, and soon had entire blocks converted to rentals. They are arguably one of the most evil companies out there.

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