GB News: Patrick Christy interviews “witch” Julie Aspinall

I’ve just experienced the torture of sitting through Patrick Christy’s embarrassing interview for GB News with Julie Aspinall, a Coventry-based “witch”. Predictably, given the obvious and natural affinity between witches and feminists, she takes gratuitous swipes at men and hilariously claims that women were the front line of warriors for the Druids in Anglesey, where the Druids’ final stand against the Romans took place (allegedly). Still, if she’s right, it would explain why the Romans wiped out the Druids, given that women on the front line of a battle will inevitably be liabilities, not assets.

Later, the genius claims people can make things happen by believing they’ll happen, surely a claim gamblers will appreciate, before testing the claim in the real world.

I couldn’t do the job Patrick Christys does. Faced with Ms Aspinall and other women of her like, I’d have been unable to resist spluttering the blindingly obvious, surely a sentiment felt by most viewers:

You’re an idiot. A blithering idiot. I have some pot plants with a higher IQ than you. No, that’s not right. ALL of them have a higher IQ than you.

The interview takes place over 36:31 – 43:27 of this video file.

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