Gender inequality fuelling ‘Great Resignation’ of women health workers across the world

Our thanks to Nigel for this piece in the Telegraph. He writes:

The real reason for this great resignation is never mentioned in this article. Nursing and linked roles have an age profile that means the sector has been expecting and experiencing this over the past few years. Basically, huge numbers are retiring. A moment’s thought would reveal the writer’s ideas as ridicilous, the number of female consultants? Nurses don’t think that nursing is a route to being a consultant!

Nor the gender pay gap as men and women on the same grades get paid the same on a transparent and national pay scale. And of course both men and women in the pandemic had to don PPE. In other words the whole thing is nonsense. A clue is in the one example of a young nurse resignation. For since the profession became degree only there has been a problem with entrants being unprepared for reality. Which of course was rarer when training was on the job and people worked their way up. By the time they qualified they knew what the job entails.

As is often the case, nonsense on stilts.

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One thought on “Gender inequality fuelling ‘Great Resignation’ of women health workers across the world

  1. There’s also the small matter of university no longer being free. The abolition of the full student grant — probably the stupidest decision of government in the last twenty-five years — means that, inevitably, there will be fewer graduates, and those will be chosen by income rather than ability.

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