International Conference on Men’s Issues – Budapest (10,11 August, 2024)

I am pleased to announce the ICMI24 website is fully operational, and tickets are now on sale.  We would urge people wishing to attend to buy their tickets as soon as possible, as ICMI tickets invariably sell out well before the events.

I recently recorded a promo video for the event with Paul Elam (co-MC) and Janice Fiamengo (keynote speaker), here (17:16). It’s also on Paul Elam’s “An Ear for Men” YouTube channel, with more comments, here.

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One thought on “International Conference on Men’s Issues – Budapest (10,11 August, 2024)

  1. In an example of the “overreach” of the EU the current attempt by feminists to introduce their agenda into EU law reflects the way such supra national organisations operate.
    No doubt the countries resisting this already have laws against rape . Its interesting that Hungary and Poland get named and shamed , when even Germany is currently against this. The danger is that in the EU the “legislation” is not passed by the European Parliament but by the Commission and council of ministers as a treaty. So all one needs is a few ministers to virtue signal and much of the continent has a new law. And as we know feminists are masters at this sort of bypassing popular scrutiny.

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