Belinda Brown: Tories who seem to understand the importance of marriage

An excellent new piece by Belinda for TCW.

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One thought on “Belinda Brown: Tories who seem to understand the importance of marriage

  1. The economist Thomas Sowell pointed out the importance of marriage to the steadily increasing prosperity of black Americans post WW2, and the dramatic reversal of this as welfare and other “liberal” policies contributed to the increasing social breakdown from the late 1960s in the Black Community. To the position in this century in which black America is a feminist utopia of female led households and “man deserts” and far from a happy or prosperous place. In stark contrast to “Asian” and “Hispanic” communities whose commitment to “traditional” social patterns fuels their growing prosperity. Much the same trends are seen here in the UK. The irony is that the feminist mantra was that undermining marriage would facilitate the revolution. Yet in fact it is the working class and poor whose lives are blighted by the same pattern of single parent “families” and “man deserts”.

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