Crying Wolf: English girl caught on video falsely accusing her Uber driver of rape so she can receive a £50 refund

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This English girl was caught on video falsely accusing her Uber driver of rape so that she could get her £50 Uber fare refunded (1). As feminists try to take away the presumption of innocence (2) from men accused by women of crimes, this video reinforces the critical importance of the presumption of innocence.

The hell she must have put the innocent male Uber driver through.  Had it not been for this video, he could well be rotting in prison right now.  His family and home would be taken away from him.  He would be put on the sex offenders register and would be given a criminal record that would prevent him from ever having a decent job again once he got out. He would not be able to emigrate to another country because the criminal record would have to be reported for the visa application. His wife might divorce him and block him from seeing his children because of his rape conviction. His life would be over.  All because he was working his job as an Uber driver and this freeloading young woman wanted him to give her a free ride to her destination.

Every cop and prospective juror needs to listen to how convincing she is (until, that is, she gives it away by turning and quickly smiling to her nearby friend because it’s so damn funny).  If this were a case of “he said/ she said,” then her performance in a criminal court might convict the innocent man of rape on the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard (>90% chance), although hopefully the jury would see through her. If her performance were in a civil court case suing the innocent man for rape (as every signatory nation to the Istanbul Convention must now allow), she would almost certainly win on the balance of probability standard (>50% chance). If juries are replaced with feminist-indoctrinated judges, as promoted by feminist campaigners, then the innocent Uber driver would certainly be convicted and sent away to rot in prison.  .

An estimated 77% of rape allegations made to police are false (William Collins, Empathy Gap, using two sources of government data). Many innocent men must be rotting in prison right now.

Every victim of genuine cases of rape should insist the Crown Prosecution Service prosecute this young woman and send her to prison for a decade without parole – the same sentence that the innocent male Uber driver would have received.  Does anyone know this girl’s name?  If so, leave in the comments below and report her to the Police.





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One thought on “Crying Wolf: English girl caught on video falsely accusing her Uber driver of rape so she can receive a £50 refund

  1. This highlights the trivial reasons accusations can be made. In the UK you get circa £8000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if the Police begin an investigation. You get the “compo” whether or not the case goes to the CPS, gets to court or is proven. It is a particularly easy form because usually the assault has to be proven to trigger the payment, but not for rape or sexual assault. That coupled with the rarity of prosecutions for perjury, wasting police time, false statements etc. Are a strong incentive to concoct a crime. Remember that these days one doesn’t have to show anything other than “consent not given”. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a husband, boy friend, “friend with benefits” one night stand or casual acquaintance, and no proof of struggle or physical assault is required. Easy means of revenge or spite with £8k thrown in .

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