SINGAPORE: Jail for Zhang Lutian, 22, who lied about being raped by ex-boyfriend after an argument

An interesting case although the woman was sentenced to jail for only five weeks. An extract:

Zhang had a mitigation plea prepared, but had to let an interpreter read it on her behalf after she broke down crying in the dock.

In her plea, she asked for a fine instead of a jail term, saying she had just turned 21 a month before the offences and her “cognitive ability for legal terms and awareness of the seriousness of the crime (was) still very immature”. [J4MB: At what age do women move on from being “very immature”?]

Zhang said she suffers from severe depression and anxiety, and claimed her ex-boyfriend had treated her rudely during disputes. [J4MB: Men, remember – be polite to your female partner during disputes.]

Describing the moment when she made the false allegations, Zhang said: “My mind was not conscious at the point in time. [J4MB translation: “Don’t hold me accountable for my actions, I’m a woman!”] I was too desperate at the time and I wanted protection from the police.”

She said her ex-boyfriend has since forgiven her. [J4MB: What an idiot.]

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