Lesbian cop pulls gun on almost naked guy, gets sick, cries, blames men & gets fired

Our thanks to Tom for this (video, 34:10).

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2 thoughts on “Lesbian cop pulls gun on almost naked guy, gets sick, cries, blames men & gets fired

  1. The linked article indicates this wasn’t the first such incident. The sergeant who freed this unfortunate man(who’d called for the police himself as he’d been threatened) was clearly exasperated and perhaps because she’d been a liability for some time. A “diversity hire” notoriously difficult to remove.

  2. Such such SUCH good news! And not because she is a lesbian, of course! I couldn’t care less about which way she leans on… but because she is a very recognizable, widespread pattern of a woman, who resorts to crying and victimhood as the pathetic, HYPER-COWARD last chance to elicit sympathy and get out of the mess she – as a public official – got herself into.
    Never mind being accountable and taking responsibility, oh no! Let’s cry like a baby to get what I want!
    THAT’S why her sacking is SUCH good news. It’s simply the RIGHT thing to happen in the circumstances. I wish to God this happened more, but we all know well and truly that’s not the case.
    Ryan Could is fighting the fairest of fights and we all should get 1000% behind him.

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