GB News suspends Laurence Fox over comments about journalist Ava Evans

Here we go again. I’d have hoped for better from GB News but they fold after attacks from feminists just like all the other media outlets.

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3 thoughts on “GB News suspends Laurence Fox over comments about journalist Ava Evans

  1. Thanks Elizabeth, agreed. GB News has allowed the woman to turn a discussion about (for example) the high male suicide rate into a discussion of her feelz after being called to account for her heartless disinterest in men’s issues. And I believe her “whole speech” references relates to just one sentence from Fox!

  2. I stand with Lawrence Fox. Adult viewers of independent outlets have every right to choose whether to listen to the kind of adult conversation that we all have. And I actually see a little more significance to his words than just crass bitching. I see an impressive public figure modelling self respecting boundaries for men watching, and letting women watching know that (despite the prevailing narrative of decades) we should be meeting basic standards of human decency if we want to appeal to good men.

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