The Red Pill: Lotus Eaters Speaks to Cassie Jaye

An excellent interview of Cassie Jaye by Hannah Gal for Lotus Eaters, the channel run by Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad).

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One thought on “The Red Pill: Lotus Eaters Speaks to Cassie Jaye

  1. The facts that the Red Pill was made by a woman, and one that was fully engaged with modern feminism, makes it very important and a piece of work. MRAs should try to promote it all the time. Firstly because its a truly engaging work and secondly because we have to deal with the world as it is rather than how we’d like it to be. And that means gynocentric and with feminist ideology firmly planted in academe and the institutions that both are run by Graduates and which run public policy and debate in the “anglosphere” and many other “western” countries and the international institutions the “west” controls. In such an environment it is all too easy to paint men defending men as anti-women and importantly for other men’s deeply held gynocentrism (aka. chivalry) to cause them to silence men thusly labelled as a threat to women and girls.
    Women like Cassie and many others who point out the big holes in feminism are particular targets of feminists because they “betray” the sisterhood and are much harder to silence. For being women its harder to engineer men to attack them and the feminists’ key tools of accusations of “sexual harassment” or “abuse” (remember touching a knee or an “unwanted compliment” can be packaged as such). Which can effectively cause men as much as women to pile on an accused man. Becomes ineffective . Imagine in Cassie’s case an accusation that a “young mother” taking some time to care for her infant is guilty of “sexual harassment” or “abuse” and a threat to women; it wouldn’t fly except with a few feminist ideologues. The hard truth is that in the world we live in the fight against the ideology feminism is one where the real skirmishes are between women. Precisely because our society is already gynocentric and was so, long before feminism was formulated. It is after all the central lie of feminism itself that prior to feminism, under “patriarchy” all manner of bad things that happened to women were “condoned” when of course in much more primitive and robust times the imbalance in the numbers of each sex reflected the protection accorded to females as the bearers of the next generation. the disposability of males is even more stark.

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