Call Woman’s Hour tomorrow morning to vote for a Minister for Men (08:00-10:00 BST)

A tip of the hat to Mike Bell for this:

Please forward to all pro-men humans

Nick Fletcher MP was on Woman’s Hour today, Tuesday, calling for a Minister for Men. Tomorrow, Wednesday, they are having a phone-in (details below).

Please call to support or just text 84844 with something like ‘Yes to a Minister for Men’

You’ll find reasons here: Arguments – Campaign for a Minister for Men


On today’s programme, @NickFletcherMP championed the idea of a Minister for Men. Do you agree/disagree? Have your say live on air in our phone-in tomorrow with @bbcnuala

Phone lines open at 0800 tomorrow. Call us on 03700 100 444 or text us on 84844.

Mike Bell

Equi-law UK

Equality of opportunity and provision for boys and men in the UK

Text: 07790 299000

Talk:  01223 233200

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One thought on “Call Woman’s Hour tomorrow morning to vote for a Minister for Men (08:00-10:00 BST)

  1. Definitely do that. Nick Fletcher deserves support for such a radical stance. Male MPs lay themselves open for malicious accusations of “bullying” or knee touching etc. if they don’t tow the feminist line 100%. And the resultant trial by media and X.

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