Jenni Murray: Claiming THAT Luis Rubiales football kiss was sexual assault is an insult to true victims

Our thanks to Groan for this. An extract:

Hang on a minute. What exactly are we really talking about here?

A young woman, fit and agile, who is no doubt exhausted but brimming with excitement at being part of the team that have just become champions of the world, leaving England’s Lionesses hanging their heads like lonely, sad little cubs.

Caught up in the thrill of the moment, she walks the line of effusive congratulations, meets her Queen and then the boss — Luis Rubiales.

He’s no doubt as thrilled as she is at the result and her prowess on the pitch, but maybe a little overwhelmed at coming face-to-face with one of his star players.

Remember he’s Spanish, and probably genetically and culturally more effusive in the kissing and hugging department than a chilly Englishman might have been in such a line-up at Wembley.

I can only assume his natural inclination was to give her a big hug and a kiss — a real smackeroo. She, in turn, put her arms around him, hugged him and demonstrated no revulsion at what’s now been dubbed his ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Indeed, new footage posted on Twitter shows Hermoso joking with Spanish teammates at internet memes of her being kissed by Rubiales.

Common sense from Jenni Murray? Wonders never cease.

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