Baroness Helena Morrissey is a blithering idiot (cont’d)

IFA magagazine has just published an article, Gender investment gap hurts long-term wealth, as AJ Bell expands Money Matters female investor campaign. An extract:

Baroness Helena Morrissey, founding ambassador of Money Matters, comments:

“There isn’t a single good reason why men should have more money than women, whether that’s in savings, investments or their pension. [J4MB: For once the batty woman is right. There isn’t one good reason, there are MANY. They include career choice, work ethic, hours worked, appetite for risk or stress (e.g. through seeking more senior positions) to earn more money, decisions on spending on shoes and handbags v investing…] Money Matters by AJ Bell is aiming to tackle the taboo topic of talking about money and shed light on all the various factors that mean women are less likely to invest – from the gender pay gap [J4MB: Give me strength!] to the financial fallout of having children [J4MB: Spending time away from the workplace means women earn less money? Disgraceful! Shouldn’t be allowed.] through to the impact menopause has on our money. [J4MB: We didn’t know HRT drugs were so expensive. Something must be done.]

“We want women to be armed with all the information and inspiration to take action with their money, whether that’s saving more, engaging with their pension or starting to invest. The new website collates all this information into one place, as well as giving people the ability to sign up to our newsletter, to receive their monthly dose of investing inspiration.” [J4MB: Decade after decade there are calls for women to be celebrated and inspired. What’s wrong with them?]

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2 thoughts on “Baroness Helena Morrissey is a blithering idiot (cont’d)

  1. There isn’t a single good reason why I am not a multi millionaire, apart from the fact my wife took it in our divorce

  2. Of course this, the latest report from the EU on Gender gaps (one small mercy the UK no longer included). Is full of the usual Pay-gap stuff, oddly enough its driven by the industries the sexes to work in choose and parenthood, who knew. Has an index that of course ignores “gender gaps ” in women’s favour (degrees, life expectancy, deaths from Covid, suicide, young mens higher rates of unemployment and so on). And obsesses about “power” which brings in quotas for women MPs, Senior managers “boards” and so on. And suddenly departs from Gender Gaps on a whole section on Violence which in line with the Istanbul Convention decides that male victims of violence don’t exist. Of course had it continued the Gender Gaps the obvious hugely greater number of male victims of violence would have ruined the “gaps” analysis. All through where there are in fact very small “gaps” or even evidence of men faring worse you can bet there’s some set of comments that somehow women have it worse! Not only are there assertions about “decision making” in business but also COVID response. Based on wishful thinking!

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