SARAH VINE: World Cup ‘abuse’? It wasn’t that foul.

Our thanks to Jeff for this piece from Sarah Vine’s column in the Mail on Sunday. At last, a voice of reasonfrom a mainstream media journalist on this feminist-confected storm in a teacup. The piece is some way down Sarah’s column, so here’s the content (below a fetching photo of Jennifer Hermoso in a bikini on a yacht):

I’ve watched the footage of Spanish football president Luis Rubiales kissing Jennifer Hermoso square on the lips after the World Cup Final a few times now, and I must confess I’m mystified by all the fuss. Sure, it was misjudged; sure, it was inappropriate – but ‘abuse’? I really don’t think so. Anyone watching can see it’s far from sexual – he’s just beside himself with excitement.

Fair enough, she didn’t like it, but is she really, as she claims, the ‘victim of an impulse-driven, sexist act’? And she seemed to have swiftly recovered, if the pictures of her on a yacht in Ibiza during the week were anything to go by. Maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye, but it seems to have been blown way out of proportion.

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One thought on “SARAH VINE: World Cup ‘abuse’? It wasn’t that foul.

  1. The Qatar world cup. Asian migrant workers having their passports confiscated. Accommodated in shipping containers. Enslaved and worked to death by the richest country in the world. 6500 fatalities !! And the same compliant media are complaining about a kiss !

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