Luis Rubiales suspended by Fifa over Hermoso kiss

Predictable but regrettable. Rubiales will not return to his post. An extract from the BBC piece, perfectly illustrating how women collaborate to destroy men:

At least 81 female players had said they would not play for the national team whilst Rubiales was still in the job. [J4MB: A strong argument right there for keeping Rubiales in the job.]

Doubtless one of the consequences of this absurd episode will be that more money is syphoned out of the Spanish men’s game to be given to the women.

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2 thoughts on “Luis Rubiales suspended by Fifa over Hermoso kiss

  1. The misandrist feminist cult in action,
    Hermoso being a lesbian, took whatever opportunity to hate men and ruin a national celebration

  2. Not a football fan, but it shows that women’s football is not about football. After all what could be a better advert than the head of football is so obviously completely beside himself with delight! I imagine criticism would be levelled if there had just been polite clapping. Just like the USA team’s wokery it seems women’s football is all about something other than an entertaining game.

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