Survey seeks views from mothers affected by Hague Abduction Convention

A piece published by Researching Reform four days ago. All too often the posts on the website focus on women and girls only, so I have to add comments. To the credit of Natalie, who runs the site, she always publishes my comments. My first was this:

Natalie, thank you. Is this problem unique to mothers? I doubt it. Then why not make the point?

Reem Alsalem, the United Nations Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls, is a particularly corrupt feminist, exposed in recent times as a serial liar. Let me know if you’d like me to link to a press release on that subject.

Mike Buchanan

This and other of my comments (one included a link to two press releases about Reem Alsalem) led to some interesting engagement with a couple of men.

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2 thoughts on “Survey seeks views from mothers affected by Hague Abduction Convention

  1. would be nice if the UN would take my view on abductions.
    my ex wife used a religious court to abduct my child and refused to recognise domestic violence against me, still insisted on giving my ex automatic religious custody despite her own domestic abuse against our child..

  2. You can see why this causes a “problem”. The whole blog piece assumes children are the mother’s to go with her where’ ere her whims take her and of course takes the “believe” stance that anything a “mum” says about abuse must be true without test. I can well imagine in countries that actually believe fathers too are important, they may be less inclined to see their future citizens spirited away to another country without the consent of their father and the same or others may not believe you simply “believe” women’s accusations but wait until any accusations are proven before deciding which parent may be best to have custody and which country they should reside.
    You can put money no one will be looking into any cases where the father claims the mother is abusive nor starting from the premise that fathers and mothers have equal rights and responsibilities.

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