Row erupts as NatWest boss Dame Alison Rose who quit in disgrace over the Nigel Farage banking scandal is in line for a £2.4 million payout as she spends a year on gardening leave

Outrageous. Extracts:

A multi-million-pound package for the NatWest boss forced out over the Nigel Farage banking scandal was last night slammed as a ‘disgraceful reward for failure’.

The bank revealed yesterday that former chief executive Dame Alison Rose is in line for a £2.4million payout as she spends a year on gardening leave following her resignation last month.

But Dame Alison could actually be in line for nearer £10million in bonuses and share awards if the taxpayer-backed bank does not claw back her renumeration in light of an internal probe into the scandal…

Mr Farage said: ‘When I heard the news, I thought it was, perhaps, a sick joke.

‘Surely you can’t breach client confidentiality, you can’t break virtually every important rule in the FCA codebook and you can’t then lie about it after you’ve briefed the BBC and still receive a £2.43million payout. That’s exactly what’s happened to Dame Alison Rose. The so-called inquiry into what she did has been kicked into the long grass.’

Former business secretary Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg said: ‘People who are accused of gross misconduct do not deserve payouts.’

Backbencher Philip Davies added: ‘It is disgraceful. For breaching client confidentiality, she should have faced a summary dismissal. Shareholders of NatWest should be fuming about this – and it is yet another reason why the chairman of NatWest should be removed with immediate effect.’

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