Pearl Davis: Hoeflation Has Gone on For Too Long

Enjoy (video, 11:42).

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One thought on “Pearl Davis: Hoeflation Has Gone on For Too Long

  1. On the topic on consequences I saw this.
    In my student days this was referred to as “benign sexism”, because even then (late 70s) it was known women “Got off” in the criminal justice system, not taken seriously but treated like children or sick in some way. 50 years and sexism has become “misogyny” in one of those language inflations so beloved of feminists. Of course somehow women are simultaneously the victims of sex stereotyping, even if it actually protects them from taking responsibility or even from discovery. But non-the-less is is actually describing the real gynocentrism that hods men to different standards and protects women. What should concern people is that in the past two centuries the killers with the most victims by far are mainly women in “caring” roles . Has and does our disbelief about female crime mean there are many other instances in hospitals or care homes that go un detected? One can’t help think that the male Doctors who raised the alarm, and were forced to apologise to Lucy Letby, fell foul of that “benign sexism” that cast them as bullies and Letby as the victim.

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