Toby Young: Am I not allowed to make fun of women’s football?

A piece in The Spectator. I’ve posted the following comments:

If I wanted to watch poor quality soccer I could watch women or 10-year-old boys play. It would be interesting to experiment and determine the maximum age of boys against whom the top female teams could compete successfully. It would probably be well under 10.

Mike Buchanan


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One thought on “Toby Young: Am I not allowed to make fun of women’s football?

  1. Not a footy fan. I was chatting at my gym, to a man who is an enthusiastic supporter of his daughter’s Basket Ball and her team and a keen football fan himself. I asked him if he’d be watching the womens final. No he said, because the commentaries are really annoying because they just say everything is wonderful all the time. Now I haven’t seen any but is seems the gap between the reality, fun but not that skilled, and the gushing fantasy commentary was too much for this fan.

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