Professor Matt Goodwin: The Collapse of the British Family

Just published. I’ve posted the following comments:

Thanks Matt, but I don’t know how it’s possible to write such an article without exploring the state’s war on fathers. For decades wives – who file for 70%+ of divorces – have been incentivised to destroy their marriages and, if they wish, deny their ex-partners access to their children with false allegations of abuse which will almost certainly never be investigated. The family courts aren’t broken, they’re designed to destroy men financially and emotionally in their probably futile bids to see their children, if their ex-wives don’t want it. The women will get Legal Aid simply for alleging abuse – which women’s charities, lawyers etc. will recommend they do – while the men will get no such support and have to act as Litigants in Person if they’re not well-off.

I know of no better commentator on all this than William Collins, the man behind The Illustrated Empathy Gap There’s also a lot of content about these issues in his masterly book, “The Empathy Gap: Male Disadvantages and the Mechanisms of Their Neglect” (2019). The ebook is a steal at under £5.00.

You write, “Britain has become a world leader in the breakdown of family life —yet nobody wants to talk about it.” On the contrary, countless people (Men’s Rights Activists, in particular) want to talk about it. But the government relentlessly and reliably dances to the tunes of feminists, for whom the nuclear family is an abhorrence. This is despite only 9% of British women (and 4% of British men) self-identifying as feminists (Fawcett Society report, 2016). It hardly needs saying that the Conservative party, once “the party of the family”, have been as anti-family as the other major parties since at least Cameron’s election as leader (2005).

Mike Buchanan


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One thought on “Professor Matt Goodwin: The Collapse of the British Family

  1. There has never been any secret that the feminism of so many academics and popular writers exemplified by Germaine Greer is in pursuit of socialism and thence communism. The breakdown of the family and kinship ties is a core aim of socialism and communism. In the communist revolutions in the Russian empire and post WW1 Europe, abolition of marriage and other traditional social institutions was one of the earliest activities following revolution. Similarly so in the far east and China and south and central America after WW2. It’s no secret why this is because from the earliest marxists in the 19th century the family and kinship was taken to be crucial in perpetuating the capitalist system and preventing the “proletariat” from recognising their true revolutionary role. Any Marxist will tell you that in theory the revolution should occur in the most economically advanced societies, not as actually happened in generally fairly economically backward societies. Hence I’m sure thse figures of family collapse are music to the Marxists ears. As a “lefty” I remain deeply perplexed why supposed centre and right individuals and Party’s have so eagerly enacted policies that simply do the communists work for them. Even a cursory read of Marxist and feminist writers and campaigners would make it clear, it’s not a “conspiracy” because no one makes a secret of it!

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