Anil Kumar’s update on ICMI23, India

Anil Kumar is an Indian MRA who’s spoken at most of the ICMIs, and will be hosting this year’s event. Today I received the following update from him:

This year the International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) will be held in the city of Pune, India on September 30th, Oct 1-2, 2023. We have got the venue and more than 200 tickets are already booked.

This is the first International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) after Covid, which is held at a physical venue. The last physical ICMI was in Chicago, 2019.

The ICMI23 website is:

September is a low travel month. Hence flight tickets to Mumbai are right now available at a reasonable rate.

  • India has a thriving men’s rights movement. The modern men’s movement in India started in 2003.

  • The first physical ICMI after Covid is being conducted at Pune, India. This city is a couple of hours drive from Mumbai. The dates are: Sep 30, Oct 1-2, 2023.

  • The topics of the conference remain more or less the same as in the earlier ICMIs: Issue of False Cases, #MenToo, Father’s Rights, Men’s Mental Health, Fake News, Feminist Propaganda, Counseling and Coaching of men etc.

  • There will be talks, interviews and panel discussions in this conference.

  • The conference ticket for foreign participants includes buffet breakfasts, lunches and tea/coffees during the conference. It also includes a 4 nights stay at the conference venue hotel. The ticket is USD 275 per participant. Our Mumbai team will provide assistance in booking cabs for travel from Mumbai Airport area to Pune. Uber and other online cab services are available in Indian cities.

  • Foreign Participants need a visa. An e-tourist visa generally gets issued in 4-5 days. One can contact me for more details.

  • My phone number is: +91 98451 43724 and my email id is: One can call me using WhatsApp or Telegram app as well, if my number is added in the contacts.

  • Foreign Participants can also contact Robert Brockway at  +61 402 326 822

  • ICMI’23 website is:

  • The conference talks will be videographed.

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