Why do women’s chess champrionships exist? Do women have no shame?

I’ve played chess occasionally for 50+ years, and I’m currently trying to improve my game. One element in that was joining chess.com, which has 100+ million users. The Wiki page is here, the actual website here.

I note that the governing body for chess, The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation, commonly referred to by its French acronym FIDE, still runs a Women’s World Chess Championship. Maybe it should be retitled, “The World Chess Championship for People Unable to Compete With Men”. The existence of the championship begs two rhetorical questions:

Why do women’s chess championships exist?

Do women have no shame?

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One thought on “Why do women’s chess champrionships exist? Do women have no shame?

  1. Hopefully a “trans” person will enter. Then FIDA will have to offer an explanation as to why there is a need to “protect women’s sport”. I can’t see broader shoulders, greater lung capacity, dense muscle mass etc. being convincing. Which leaves differences in the brain. Now the TERFs having to stand on a rock based on women being less able to compete because of differences in brains and thinking, well not only the popcorn and cola but a hot dog too to watch the fun.

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