Measuring GDP is ‘anti-feminist and colonial’ Oxfam bosses claim amid calls it should measure the value of women’s domestic work

Utter madness. An extract:

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) – which collects, analyses and publishes statistics about the UK’s economy, society and population – has already said it is working on radical plans to go ‘beyond GDP’.

A report last year by the Centre for Progressive Policy think tank found women in the UK are providing more than twice as much unpaid childcare per year as men – 23.2 billion hours compared with 9.7 billion hours – as well as spending more time caring for adults than men.

I have long since stopped donating money to Oxfam, or buying anything in their shops. Their constant refrain of “empowering women” implies, of course, disempowering men.

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One thought on “Measuring GDP is ‘anti-feminist and colonial’ Oxfam bosses claim amid calls it should measure the value of women’s domestic work

  1. What nonsense. For decades various international “time use surveys ” have measured all “work” . Partly because in agrarian economies much of the work is not easily accounted for by simply taking the price paid for produce, and often a key times the entire family might be working, such as planting times and harvesting . And of course there is still a lot of “homeworking” where components or parts of processes are done in the homes. So it is not something that needs any effort to find out. Feminists are never keen on these as for decades they have shown that in non industrialised economies women do do more work on average while that is reversed for the most “advanced” economies. Where of course women in particular have benefitted from all the labour saving advances in “unpaid” domestic work. My point being there is absolutely no need for extra money to find this out. And of course in the real world however one spins it unpaid work is not contributing to the ability to earn wealth to pay for the very easy and privileged lives western women enjoys compared to the vast majority of people on the planet. Frankly one of the most worrying things in the past couple of decades has been the lack of clarity in public debate that we are in massive private and public debt precisely because we are living way beyond our means. We are getting poorer, not because of hapless politicians, but because we are becoming less productive and conceal this by ignoring “the balance of trade” stas. and manipulating GDP to include services to ourselves (including Health and Education for instance ). More WFH, Family friendly hours, “tax credits” to do nothing, and so on simply adds to the inefficiencies. Apart from the human tragedy of doing down our young men rather than encouraging them it is slow economic suicide so so ignore those who are the most likely to be most committed and energetic in actually producing!

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