Pearl Davis interviews Professor Janice Fiamengo

Pearl Davis is an American conservative Christian anti-feminist cultural commentator who moved to London two years ago and has since built up a subscriber base to her YouTube channel JustPearlyThings of 1.6 million people, and growing fast.

Janice Fiamengo was recently interviewed by Pearl Davis, the video is here (2:16:54). Enjoy!

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One thought on “Pearl Davis interviews Professor Janice Fiamengo

  1. The depth of Gynocentrism is illustrated by the reporting on this case. The DM clearly goads with the idea that the exonerated man has “got off” through “mistakes” in Court. And adds in a supposedly “smirking” man. Clearly deciding he was guilty.
    Yet the local news actually quoting the Judge includes the very different story that the original trial Judge mis-directed the Jury. In effect telling them to “believe” the complainant. So what had actually happened was that the conviction was quashed on appeal due to misdirection in law. Not some trivial “mistake”.
    The DM and other reports also make much of the age of the girl 13 and quote the current age of the man 22. Of course in fact the man was a boy of 17 when the girl was 13, not a full adult of 22.
    So its a classic of trial by media where the male is painted in as bad a terms as possible to fit with a narrative of male bad, female good. The sort of thing feminists depend on to get “traditional” people to support their war on boys and men.

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