Ten Reasons Why the Human Rights Council Must Reject the Special Rapporteur’s Report on Domestic Violence

Our thanks to Ed Bartlett of the Washington DC-based Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance (DAVIA) for this press release. We’re an active member of DAVIA which is sponsoring the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Budapest, Hungary, in August 2024.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why the Human Rights Council Must Reject the Special Rapporteur’s Report on Domestic Violence

  1. Of course Hungary is one such country that has not for instance ratified to he Istanbul convention on the grounds it is anti family. Hungarians spent many centuries under threat and even occupation by the Islamic ottoman sultanate, clearly not an obvious ally of the OIC. Yet part of the “resistance” to the globalist elites and their cultural Revolution. Whatever the religion there is usually a strong family orientation. This is of precisely why the traditional family is the number one target of feminists and Marxists and specially cultural Marxists. Because they believe the family is the main resistance to their various revolutionary new societies.

  2. This one gives the voting. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/7/12/un-bodys-motion-on-quran-burning-how-did-your-country-vote I include it because it shows that it was not just Islamic countries. And illustrates a pattern of the world outside “the west” even including EU nations (usually badged “populist” or “far Right”) becoming restive at being dragooned by the elites controlling the UN and dictating social policy. The OIC has also voted against UN orthodoxy on family policy issues in the past. On the issue of “book burning” I personally side with the Swedes but the essentially “conservative” nature of the OIC and its stands against culture war dictats has increasingly drawn support from others.

  3. I noticed that the OIC (Islamic nations in the UN) have had a latest success with regard to HRC. It strikes me that these nations and others which retain a cultural focus on supporting family formation and have also voted against some feminist inspired anti family, effectively anti father, reports. Hopefully there is a growing realisation that “the West” version of “human rights” is in reality a set of ideas designed to destroy the family.

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