Appreciating Washington’s Men Who Work Dangerous Jobs

A tip of the hat to Blair Daly, the sterling young man behind the Washington Initiative for Boys and Men for this.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating Washington’s Men Who Work Dangerous Jobs

  1. I think this is a really important. Quite often even MRAs cite war and the military as evidence of men’s role. Yet Wars are mercifully distant from us in this country. But all the time the same masculine virtues are on display “in plain sight” yet ignored. In the past couple of weeks some “telegraph” poles have been installed in local streets. Apparently for fibre broadband. An ugly addition as far as I’m concerned. However the installation give an illustration of the many jobs for which there is no cries for “gender equality”. The installation of the poles themselves included some serious machinery and a young man guiding the huge and heavy poles into their position, a slight mishap potentially causing serious injury. The following week two men attaching and adjusting “wires” while swinging from each pole on a canvass harness. All really unremarkable as we simply expect these things to happen and really ignore the “hi viz” clad workers whose work underpins our civilization. It is interesting that, despite it being part of the “Equality Duty” the HSE rarely publishes data dis-aggregated by Gender. But when it does it is of course overwhelmingly men who die or are seriously injured or contract serious illness in work.

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