Buchanan’s Seventh Law, exchanges with feminist commenters on Julie Bindel’s recent article

I’ve been busy replying to insane feminists (I repeat myself) in the comments stream of Julie Bindel’s latest Substack article, Sex Education, or sexist indoctrination? Exchanges with feminists always bring to mind Buchanan’s Seventh Law:

When a woman is losing an argument to a man, she’ll call him a misogynist

Today a particularly insane one – Miiju86 – started commenting. She’s SO loopy that every time she posts comments, there’s a gift for me. Her first comments directed to me started with this:

How is it a lie when males are responsible for around 90% of all violent crimes in general as well as for 99%(!) of all sexual crimes in particular?

I can assure you there are no “feminist lies”, quite the contrary.

I know of no other social & civil rights movement where so much basic discourse happens, as well as the heavy reliance on real, scientific data.

You seem to be – sadly – projecting hard here and arguing from a pure emotional point of view.

We’ve had a few exchanges, one of her sentences started with this gem:

I recommend the research of Caroline Criado Perez…

I had great pleasure pointing out that CCP won three of our Lying Feminist of the Month awards, and that she’d admitted to Philip Schofield on This Morning in 2015 that she’s lied – here (video, section starting at 2:53).

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2 thoughts on “Buchanan’s Seventh Law, exchanges with feminist commenters on Julie Bindel’s recent article

  1. remember
    sticks and stones may break my bones
    but there will always be something to offend a feminist!

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