(Toby) Young’s First Law of free speech

An interesting piece by Toby Young in the new edition of The Spectator. I’ve posted the following comments, applying again the hyperlinks which led to the original submission being rejected by the moderators.

Toby, I have raised an issue with one of your colleagues at the Free Speech Union, which I hope will be taken up. It relates to the Scottish government, a matter I covered in my blog piece of 28.5.23, The Scottish government’s CONsultation on reforming the criminal law to address misogyny. Long story short, it could become a criminal offence to challenge feminism and feminists, something we do relentlessly.

Mike Buchanan


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One thought on “(Toby) Young’s First Law of free speech

  1. maybe we should take feminists “free speech” rights away? since all they do is repeat lies, and smear the entire male sex.

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