Surreal editing of Mike Buchanan’s Wikipedia page

My Wiki page is here. It was started by a Wiki editor using the name ‘The Vintage Feminist’, and it’s been an uphill battle to correct some of the wilder content. I’ve had to resort to the Talk page to make various points, provide links to important materials etc.

Quick as a flash, some 11-12 weeks after we de-registered as a political party on 31 March, the page was recently changed to reflect that fact. At which point a Wiki editor, ‘Emeraude’, enters the picture. (S)he reversed the latest changes, stating the following:

Deregistration does not necessarily mean it is no longer a party – there is no legal reguirement to register if not contesting elections.

I went to his / her Talk page (scroll to the bottom) and wrote this:

Hi Emeraude. Just seen your edits of my Wiki page. We are no longer a political party because we de-registered as one with the Electoral Commission at the end of March 2023. Can you please reverse your edits? Thanks.

(S)he replied:

No. First, it is not “your” Wiki page. Second, how do I know you are who you claim? Third, to do so requires a reliable source, which has not been provided. The J4MB website simply says it has deregistered, not that it no longer a party. If there is such a source, and not some anonymous say-so, then it can be included.

I replied:

Good grief. A registered political party can opt not to field candidates in elections, but it’s not a political party unless it’s registered as such with the Electoral Commission. We’ve de-registered, so we’re no longer a political party.

If you check this page you’ll see my email address there, feel free to email me and I’ll reply. The “reliable source” issue is a problem given that the mainstream media very rarely cover men’s issues or criticise feminism and feminists, so they don’t cover J4MB.

From another link,

“From the beginning, and until its de-registration as a party in April 2023, J4MB was the only party in the English-speaking world…”

If you maintain your current position, you’ll be in the surreal position of maintaining an organisation is a political party when its own leader has explained to you that it isn’t.

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