Fiona Hathorn, CEO and co-founder of Women on Boards, is a blithering idiot: “We Aim to Redefine ‘Board-Ready Talent’, to Improve Diversity in the FTSE Boardroom”

More idiocy in The Fintech Times. I couldn’t get beyond this BS:

While the number of women on FTSE All-Share boards has continued to rise this year (44 per cent), but the new report highlights concerns about the lack of skills and diversity of expertise among FTSE All-Share executive board members.

New data reveals that just 2.3 per cent of executive board members hold positions other than CEO, CFO or company secretary and only ten per cent of executive board directors are women.

Fiona Hathorn, CEO and co-founder of Women on Boards, said: “The responsibilities of the board have continued to evolve over the past decade and yet the focus remains on traditional skill sets such as finance, operations and CEO experience. Skills such as social responsibility, human resources or marketing, show negligible presence in the boardroom.

“Traditional skills and leadership experience are of course desirable but companies must take a more holistic view and ensure an optimal mix of expertise to navigate the changing business landscape.

“It’s time to redefine ‘board-ready talent’ and by doing so we believe we will also see improvements in diversity targets for gender and ethnicity representation in the boardroom”. [J4MB translation: If companies drop their standards for appointing directors, there will be more female and BAME directors. Everyone wins!]

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One thought on “Fiona Hathorn, CEO and co-founder of Women on Boards, is a blithering idiot: “We Aim to Redefine ‘Board-Ready Talent’, to Improve Diversity in the FTSE Boardroom”

  1. As you say Bs. Since when has “social responsibility” been a “skill”. As always the whole premise appears to be that how the job gets done has to change to enable women to enter. Rather than letting women to do the work and gain the skills and experience that companies need. It doesn’t seem to occur to the “equality” industry types that women could simply work hard in the running of businesses and thereby earn a place on the board. It is in fact rather sexist after all to so clearly assume women simply can’t do operations, finance or leadership. At the very least its proof Ms. Hathorn accepts Dr. Hakim’s “Preference Theory” , that the sexes differ in their career choices, as they choose occupations.

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