Julie Bindel: “Why is Canada betraying women? Tradition is not an excuse for male violence.”

Just published on Unherd. I was inspired by the title to submit the following comments:

Julie, why are you betraying lesbian victims of domestic abuse / violence? Why do you not denounce female perpetors of abuse / violence, regardless of the sex of the victims?

It’s long been known that women are at a higher risk of violence from a female partner than a male partner. One of my blog pieces on the matter with a link to relevant official statistics:


The official stats accessible through that link show that a woman is almost twice as likely to have been abused (all forms, collectively) by a female partner (10.1%) than by a male partner (5.3%).

Mike Buchanan

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2 thoughts on “Julie Bindel: “Why is Canada betraying women? Tradition is not an excuse for male violence.”

  1. In in an example of the whole “trans” thing being an internal fight between feminists. The former first minister of Scotland, and her “squad of Scottish lesbians” doubles down on support for the Scottish legislation to legalise “self identification” of sex, and “trans rights” in general. Perhaps Bindel should round up her “squad” of English lesbians to go north and do battle with Sturgeon’s. https://metro.co.uk/2023/05/18/rainbow-awards-nicola-sturgeon-gives-rousing-speech-on-trans-rights-18803377/
    Clearly not an issue of “Patriarchy” (even for “first nations” in the Americas) and definitely not about “men’s rights” (apart from a good illustration that men don’t have any special rights to defend). So perhaps the feminist squads could fight it out in some field on the Scottish borders.
    While the rest of us get on with our lives.

  2. Julie is clearly running out of “victims” a confused and confusing piece. Were the tribes full of sweetness and light before “colonization” ? Yet they were generally “patriarchal” in the most traditional sense? What of the majority who now live in Canada’s urban conurbations?
    But of course its all part of the feminists desperation to link the concerns of affluent privileged women in wealthy conurbations with far more “worthy” women in the victim Olympics.
    The most plainly ludicrous claim is that somehow Canadian Universities are in any way resistant to feminism! I expect that notion would make Prof. Fiamengo laugh out loud its so plainly untrue.

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