Feminist Firefighters accidentally set Banff ablaze

Our thanks to Tom for this.


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3 thoughts on “Feminist Firefighters accidentally set Banff ablaze

  1. On a lighter note, and one that demonstrates the power of boycotts. I see the brewers of Bud Lite are busy rowing back on their backfired campaign. Claiming its all a mistake. Though in fact the executive in charge was very clear on her goals and the need for the campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CipYz6dzbFs
    And there was praise for this woman changing the image of beer. Now however a male executive picks up the pieces https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12063443/Bud-Light-sales-bloodbath-Sales-troubled-brand-fell-21-4-April-Dylan-Mulvaney-fiasco.html
    The whole thing a bit of a morality tale of the liberal echo chamber, out of touch with its customers and risking the livelihoods of its workers as well as its shareholders to look good.

  2. Thanks John, I couldn’t agree more. Every profession that’s been feminised – education, medicine and the police spring most obviously to mind – has tanked as a result. The quality of state education is so poor that two women (a teacher and a teaching assistant) are required to educate kids less well than one man did decades ago. I covered the issue in one of my ICMI talks.

  3. The lowering of the standard of the strength test requirements for the fire brigade in order to allow women to pass it tells you everything you need to know about feminist priorities . It is more important that women should have equal access to the job than it is to maximize the chances of saving the lives of people trapped in a burning building.

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