The ‘women on boards’ scam: Campaign for Merit in Business publicly challenges Hanneke Smits, CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Management and the new Global Chair of The 30% Club, to answer some questions and wind up The 30% Club

Hanneke Smits is the CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Management and the new Global Chair of The 30% Club. The 30% Club’s press release is here.

On behalf of Campaign for Merit in Business I’m about to email a letter to Ms Smits, and I look forward to her response, if any. Her predecessors as Global Chairs of The 30% Club – Helena Morrissey and Ann Cairns – shamelessly declined to respond to the public challenges we made to them two months ago. Let’s see if Ms Smits has more integrity. I’m not optimistic. In my 10+ years’ experience of working in this area I’ve found all proponents of more women on boards to be utterly shameless.

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