The Orwellian corruption of the language

Less than two weeks since I was quoted widely in the media in relation to Morrison’s changing their gingerbread men to gingerbread “people”, the latter phrase is already coming into regular circulation. A piece about the Crowngate Shopping Centre in Worcester includes this:

Animatronic reindeer and friendly gingerbread people will wow little ones in the centre of Crowngate Shopping Centre…

Three Counties Christmas helped put together the nodding reindeer and the huge gingerbread person perched outside the house.

I’ve registered and commented:

Two mentions of gingerbread “people” rather than gingerbread men, which have been around since Queen Elizabeth I at least. Give me strength. It hasn’t been two weeks since I was quoted widely in the media about this latest piece of PC nonsense at Morrison’s. Just the latest example of the corruption of our language, instigated by whiny feminists with nothing better to do, and enabled by spineless individuals and organizations.

Mike Buchanan
Party leader


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