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Earlier today we sent out a press release to a number of UK-based journalists, majoring on the issue of the proposal in our manifesto (pp.23-7) that from seven weeks after conception, elective abortions should not be made available to women without the prior permission of the child’s father, as established by Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing.

To say the press release has generated a lot of interest would be an understatement. I’ve already been contacted by a number of journalists and expect to be contacted by many more.

On our Laughing at Feminists website there’s a comedy channel with 141 videos, one of which covers the issue of when human life begins, The Magical Birth Canal (79 seconds).

Videos covering the issue of abortion on the J4MB YouTube channel:

17 November 2019: Messages 4 Men – Mike Buchanan, “Abortion is a men’s issue, too”

ICMI20: Dr Warren Farrell – “Abortion. How Feminism is Undermining Men, Women and Children. MGM.”

ICMI2020: Ava Brighton – “Feminist Hegemony, BPD, Abortion, Fathers’ Access to Their Children…”

ICMI20: Dr Jules Gomes – “Abortion” (interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan)

ICMI21: Don Lofendale – interview about abortion with Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson

13 December 2021: Mike Buchanan, “Women’s Rights v Others’ Rights, Abortion, FASD” (ICMI21)

15 December 2021: Christian Hacking, “What the Heck Can Men be Doing About Abortion?” (ICMI21)

19 July 2022: Abortion is a Men’s Issue

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