Happiness is being attacked by Julie Bindel

My day has had the perfect start, with an attack in The Critic by Julie Bindel, winner of our Toxic Feminist of the Month award in October 2015 – here. In selecting the header image on our new website I was conscious that the family would rattle the teeth of radical feminists, and so it has.

Trigger warning, the family is white, and even worse, the parents (and grandparents) are heterosexual. A sizeable majority of the people in the constituency I’ll be standing in at the next general election, Bedford, are white, and the parents and grandparents heterosexual. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Doubtless we’ll put up an image of a happy family headed up by a pair of scowling 500+lb blue-haired feminist lesbians (one white, one black) in the fullness of time, to keep Ms Bindel happy. She writes:

The poster family on CFP’s launch materials look like a cross between a relaunch of the Aryan Race Society and a teeth-whitening promo you’d expect to see at the dentist’s office.

It’s ironic that Ms Bindel refers to the Aryan Race Society, given her starring role in the video Hitler reacts to radical feminist Julie Bindel.

During a debate at Durham University in 2014 Ms Bindel slandered me, repeatedly calling me a liar during my speech, the story is here. She later apologised to me privately, but – of course – refused to do so publicly.

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