Labour’s support for single-sex places is too little, too late

Our thanks to Nigel for this. He writes:

I know Labour is generally not in the sights of J4MB, partially no doubt because they’re not in power. However I am enjoying the spectacle of “feminists” dealing with the the results of their own ideology. Yet another entertaining description of how equality was never on the agenda really as Labour “wimmin” wail about “sex based rights”. First of all labour men don’t wail about this because men don’t have any “sex based rights” (in fact men in general probably realise this too). Secondly isn’t the whole point of feminist theory is that all “gender roles” were made up by some small group conspiracy at an unspecified time in the past? Up till now they’ve been encouraging of men dressing in frocks and being “gender benders” so they’ll step aside to let women be CEOs, and women “performing” male gender roles. But as it so often the case not liking it if men really do get into “women’s” spaces like childcare, homemaking, netball, changing rooms  and so on.

It seems all along it wasn’t about “equality” nor about “deconstructing gender” or “queer theory” or “intersectionality” but about posh women having lots of privileges and legal rights because they really are special, fragile, entitled creatures. Certainly this seems to be this woman’s view. Top civil servant says she only wants her staff to go into the office two days a week | Daily Mail Online Apparently working from home is great because women otherwise wouldn’t be confident. Which begs the the question, why are we employing senior managers who can’t be relied on to speak up, let alone paying such people to have time on their exercise bike and playing with children?

Perhaps eventually all this will bring out more and more the “sex based rights, entitlements and privileges” enjoyed by women, which they seem so threatened by men who have decided to perform the “female gender role”. You’d think having men wanting to be “women” would be ideal for feminists, fewer and fewer of those toxic masculine types that the Gillette ad so clearly said were a blight on civilisation.

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