Eton College: Simon Henderson (Head Master) is a blithering idiot. Will Knowland (English teacher) is a genius by comparison.

Eton College near Windsor, in Berkshire, is one of the most famous schools in the world, and many of the boys and young men it educates (from around the world) go on to the highest positions in society, in all sorts of fields including politics. Many British prime ministers have been educated there.

The Head Master since 2015 has been Simon Henderson. He was appointed at the age of 39, and he was the blithering idiot who saw fit to have the serial lying toxic feminist (I repeat myself) Laura Bates lecture the boys on gender matters, including (I believe) masculinity. Special Snowflake knows less about masculinity than she knows about quantum mechanics.

My thanks to Mike P for the latest example of Henderson’s idiocy. The start of the piece:

An Eton College master has been sacked after preparing a lecture which questioned ‘current radical feminist orthodoxy’.

Will Knowland, who taught English at the £42,500-a-year school in Berkshire for nine years, said he was dismissed over a lesson titled ‘The Patriarchy Paradox’.

We can but hope that plenty of parents threaten to remove their boys from the school so long as this woeful mangina remains the Head Master, resulting in his dismissal.

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