Why I’ve cancelled my subscription to The Spectator

I’ve been a subscriber to The Spectator for many years. The weekly magazine has contributors who challenge feminism more than any other popular magazine I know – Douglas Murray, Rod Liddle, James Delingpole and Lionel Shriver come to mind. Fraser Nelson, 47, the Scottish editor since 2009, has done a great job but he continues to give column inches to feminist “journalists” such as Julie Bindel, Julie Burchill, and Sarah Ditum.

We’ve done a number of blog pieces on Sarah Ditum since 2013, and they’re all here. I have just cancelled my subscription to The Spectator after reading a piece written by her and published online today. The piece is titled No, Ben Bradley: we don’t need a minister for men. The title is a reference to his introduction to the debate he hosted in the main chamber of the House of Commons two days ago, International Men’s Day.

I may read copies in my local public library but as with the BBC, I refuse to help fund organizations which spout feminist propaganda. I will never again buy anything made by Procter and Gamble, which owns Gillette, after their anti-male advertisements. I’m far from alone. It’s reported that the backlash against Gillette cost the company eight billion dollars. Good.

I’m also a subscriber to The Times and yesterday I did a keyword search using “International Men’s Day”. The most recent article was written by a feminist “journalist” published in 2016 and – like Sarah Ditum’s new article – it was published the day after IMD. The only leading British print publication to mention IMD this year was, to the best of my knowledge, the Telegraph. I posted comments linking to the 120-speaker conference, and they haven’t been removed. Hope springs eternal.

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